The Final Report of the KING Project - Knowledge for INtegration Governance - concerns integration policies and governance in Europe, as analyzed in the course of the multidisciplinary research that saw the participation of more than 40 researchers across Europe. On the basis of the research results, the Report provides a series of policy-recommendations and discusses strategies for the enhancement of integration measures at the national and local level, as a proposal for the implementation of the Common Basic Principles on Migrant Integration (CBPs).
The Final Report was presented at the Final International Conference held in Barcelona at the CaixaForum on 20 February 2015.

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The Executive Summary of the KING project (October 2014) is a proposal for the implementation of the Common Basic Principles for Immigrant Integration Policy in the EU, consisting in a series of policy recommendations supported by the solid evidence base provided by the desk research carried out in the first phase of the KING project. The Executive summary was presented during the KING project thematic workshop “Integration Governance: Evidence from Strategies and Policies” held during the Metropolis 2014 International Conference (Milan, 3-7 November 2014).

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This Mid-term Executive Summary of the KING project, resulting from the project framing phase, intends to give a first glance on the integration process and integration policies in Europe by providing evidence and particularly on some myths linked to the migrants presence in Europe. This is critical given the widespread myths about migrants’ presence in Europe that are now firmly rooted in European public opinion.

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The different Research Teams formed and supervised by the members of the Advisory Board carried out a preliminary Desk Research. For that purpose, the Advisory Board had previously agreed on guidelines in order to frame the research and to ensure coordination between disciplines. Building on this first phase of the project, the Advisory Board members and their Research Teams conducted Empirical In-depth Studies on topics requiring further investigation, identified on the basis of the Desk Research results.

In this section, both Desk Research Papers and Empirical In-depth Studies are collected and listed for each discipline, under the names of the authors. In most cases, Desk Research and Empirical In-Depth Study are distinct papers; in a few cases, when the empirical in-depth analyses represented a direct continuation of the desk research, the two parts are collected in a single paper. Advisory Board members wrote Overview Papers, commenting and providing further insights either on the results of the two phases of the projects.

YVES PASCOUAU - EU Immigration and Integration Policies:Connecting the Dots - Download

YVES PASCOUAU -EU Immigration and Integration Policies: Friends or Foes? - Download

DIEGO ACOSTA ARCARAZO - EU Integration Policy: Between Soft Law and Hard Law - Download

ANNE BATHILY - Immigration Detention and its Impact on Integration – A European Approach - Download

ALBERTO MARTINELLI - The multilevel governance of immigrants’ integration in the European Union - Download

EVA HEIDBREDER - When Multiple Levels Meet Migration: the Specific Challenges of a Common EU Immigration Regime - Download

EVA HEIDBREDER - Multilevel Elements of EU Migration Policy - A Research Note - Download

NICOLA PASINI and PAOLA COLETTI - Immigration policies in EU MSs: How to Learn from Successful Examples - Download

NICOLA PASINI and PAOLA COLETTI - Integration Policies in European Member States: How to Learn from Best Practices
Case–study: Lombardy Region - Download

MONICA POLETTI and MARTA REGALIA -Economic or Cultural Threat? Orientations towards immigration and European integration among EU citizens and national parties over time - Download

MONICA POLETTI and MARTA REGALIA - Party Positioning on Immigration and EU at the 2014 European Parliamentary elections - Download

WALTER KINDERMANN and INGRID WILKENS - Integration Policy in the State of Hessen, Germany: a Regional Case Study in a Federal System- Download

WALTER KINDERMANN - Islamic Religious Education in the Schools in Hessen, Germany - Download

WALTER KINDERMANN - Targets for Integration Policy in Europe: Which Europe do we want for 2030? - Download

DIETRICH THRÄNHARDT - The State of European Integration Governance: a Comparative Evaluation - Download

DIETRICH THRÄNHARDT - Islamic Religious Instruction in France and Germany: Implementation Processes in Different State-Religion Regimes - Download

GABRIELA FUHR-BECKER and FLORIAN GÖETTSHCE - Monitoring as a Basic Instrument for Integration Governance - Download

GABRIELA FUHR-BECKER, FLORIAN GÖTTSCHE, INGRID WILKENS - How Can Public Administration Support Adolescents With a Migration Background to Successfully Get Into Vocational Education and Labour After School? - A Practical Approach - Download

LILLITH STUKENBERG and GABRIELA FUHR-BECKER - Elderly Migrants in Hessen, Germany: New Challenges for Public Administration - Download

RINUS PENNINX - European Cities and their Migrant Integration Policies. A State-of-the-Art study for the Knowledge for Integration Governance (KING) Project - Download

TIZIANA CAPONIO - The Legal and Political Dimension of Local Integration Policies - Download

BLANCA GARCÉS-MASCAREÑAS - Immigrant s' equal access and equal use: a review of local policies in the domains of health care, housing, education and the labour market - Download

PATRYCJA MATUSZ PROTASIEWICZ - Local Policies as Cultural Integration and Social Cohesion Policies - Download

HANNAH SCHWARZ - A Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Integration Policies of European Cities - Download

HANNAH SCHWARZ - Local Integration Policies in Stuttgart, Germany - Download

RINUS PENNINX with Sara Blom, Tiziana Caponio, Blanca Garcés-Mascareñas, Patrycja Matusz Protasiewic and Hannah Schwarz - European Cities and their Migrant Integration Policies. Case-studies from Eight Cities - Download

RINUS PENNINX - Integration Policies for Immigrants of the City of Turku / Åbo, Finland - Download

SARA BLOM - Local Migration and Integration Policies in Amsterdam - Download

TIZIANA CAPONIO - Integration Policies for Immigrants of the City of Milan, Italy - Download

TIZIANA CAPONIO - Integration Policies for Immigrants of the City of Turin, Italy - Download

BLANCA GARCÉS-MASCAREÑAS - Local Integration Policies in Barcelona - Download

PATRYCJA MATUSZ PROTASIEWICZ - Prague: Evolution of Integration Governance - Download

PATRYCJA MATUSZ PROTASIEWICZ - Warsaw: Evolution of Integration Governance - Download

JENNY PHILLIMORE - Local and Experiential Aspects of Migrant Integration - An Overview - Download

GARY CRAIG - Migration and Integration: a Local and Experiential Perspective - Download

MARTA KINDLER - Social Networks, Social Capital and Migrant Integration at Local Level - European literature review - Download

RACHEL HUMPHRIS - Integration Practice – Initiatives and Innovations by Institutions and Civil Society - Download

JENNY PHILLIMORE, RACHEL HUMPHRIS, KAMRAN KHAN - Migration, Networks and Resources: the Relationship between Migrants’ Social Networks and Their Access to Integration Resources - Download

MARTIN KAHANEC - Economics of Migration in EU Labor Markets - Download

MARTIN GUZI, MARTIN KAHANEC, LUCIA MÝTNA KUREKOVÁ, LILIYA LEVANDOVSKA - The Impact of Migration and Integration Policies on Native-Migrant Labor Market Gaps - Download

MARTIN GUZI, MARTIN KAHANEC, LUCIA MÝTNA KUREKOVÁ - The Impact of Demand and Supply Structural Factors on Native-Migrant Labour Market Gaps - Download

MARTIN GUZI, MARTIN KAHANEC, LUCIA MÝTNA KUREKOVÁ - Does Immigration Grease the Wheels of European Labor Markets? - Download

GIAN CARLO BLANGIARDO - The Contribution of Migration to European Demographic Changes - Download

GIAN CARLO BLANGIARDO - Migration into the EU: long-term demographic scenarios - Download

GIAN CARLO BLANGIARDO - Scenarios of migration inflows to the EU-28 Members according to push factors related to the labor market in the countries of origin - Download

PAWEL KACZMARCZYK - The Expected Contribution of Migrations to the Future European Economic and Socio-Demographic System - Download

MARIACHIARA DI CESARE - Laboratories of Integration at Local Level - Download

MARIACHIARA DI CESARE - Monitoring Integration at Local Level: Examples from Multiple European Countries - Download

MARIA RITA TESTA - The Contribution of Migration to the European Economic and Socio-Demographic System (looking at the past) - Download

MARIA RITA TESTA - The Contribution of Migration to Population Change in Europe: 1991–2011 - Download